Birding in the Netherlands

Focus on rarities

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When and where

Rare birds can turn up everywhere, but do you know where the true hotspots are in every season? 

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Wind directions

Where would you go birding when the wind is blowing from the east? And what about the other directions?

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Species groups

Do you know where in the Netherlands rare warblers or other species groups have been found?

Did you know that currently there are 538 bird species on the Dutch list and that about 39% of those are considered rarities.

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Want to see which birds I managed to connect with? Click here.


What is rare here, is usually common elsewhere. Every patch is different and has its own challenging species. This is no different in my little corner of the birding world.

Epic rarities

Siberian Rubythroat is one of about 80 extreme rarities on the Dutch list. Some discoveries go back to the nineteenth century, others were made only recently. 

Thanks to all observers who reported their rare bird discoveries to or and submitted them to the rarities committee (CDNA).

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