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Common Grackle at Kamperhoek on 8 April 2013.

Epic rarities

Macqueen's Bustard (1850), Belted Kingfisher (1899), Northern Shrike (1909), Chestnut Bunting (1937), White-faced Storm Petrel (1974), Dalmatian Pelican (1976), Cabot's Tern (1978), Yellow-headed Blackbird (1982), Harlequin Duck (1983), Spectacled Warbler (1984), Sykes's Warbler (1986), Northern Mockingbird (1988) and Bridled Tern (1989) are all on the Dutch list with only a pre-1990 record. More recent extreme rarities include Horus Swift, Grey-headed Lapwing, Red-wattled Lapwing and Upcher's Warbler, all from 2019. See full list (xlsx) here.

Did you know that the period 2013-2022 produced 34 new species for the Dutch list?

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