Point counts  bird migration

A point count is a simple method, in which you record birds from a single watchpoint for a set period of time. And simple is good. It means you have lots of time to enjoy what you are doing!

In August 2017, I started a series of point counts at Schiphol airport. My goal was to register bird movements at this interesting location. With the help of the online tools of www.trektellen.nl– a website specifically designed for recording bird migration – making overviews of the results and analysing them is easy. Up until October 2018, I carried out a total of 16 one-hour counts on as many different days and recorded a total of c 4000 migrating birds belonging to 55 species. Most common were Greylag Goose (45%), Common Starling (24%), Black-headed Gull (3%), Song Thrush (3%), Northern Lapwing (2%), Redwing (2%), Rock Dove (2%), Common Chaffinch (2%), Meadow Pipit (2%, European Herring Gull (2%) and Egyptian Goose (2%). The busiest one-hour count dated from 8 October 2018, with 554 migrating birds of 24 different species. Also notable was a vagrant Desert Wheatear in November-December 2017 (found by Paul Marcus and relocated by Will Price). 

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Published 6 March 2018  >  8 October 2018