Variation in calls of Phylloscopus warblers

Ever since I started birding I have had an interest in Phylloscopus warblers. As a beginner birdwatcher, I struggled with the question how to separate Common Chiffchaff P collybita from Willow Warbler P trochilus – easy when singing, but at other times a whole different story! Then, as the years went by, I studied more and more species and learned that most of them can be recognised by listening to their calls. In fact, quite often this is even the quickest and safest way to identify them.

But how about variation? That was the next big question that came to mind. So I decided to dive a little bit deeper into the subject. The results of my study can be found in this article I wrote. Needless to say, it is still ‘work in progress’. I will keep updating it with more (sub)species, more call types and more examples. The link above, however, will always lead to the latest version.

Phylloscopus call variation

Do you want to know which species this is or have a look at the call variation I found? Check the PDF!

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Published 9 June 2020